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Solar Roof Top System

Power is essential for driving business efficiency in our offices & providing comfort at our homes. While we increase our power consumption for better lifestyle & efficiency, we leave behind a large carbon foot print which has adverse effect on our environment. Solar energy is the most prudent option as it is environment friendly, freely available and inexhaustible and emerging as most economical source of energy for future generations.


Residential complexes | Villa and Row Houses | Office Spaces | Shops | Industries | Schools and Colleges | Hostels | Hospitals | Institutions | Farm Houses, Petrol Pumps etc.
Which have large rooftops and can efficiently utilized for roof top solar installations. There are two distinct options for roof top installations.


A solar rooftop system is composed of a set of solar PV Panels, mounted on the rooftop of a building, connected together to generate electricity by converting solar radiation into electrical energy.

The electrical energy generated from the array of panels is transmitted to inverter, which converts DC output of solar modules into utility grid electricity.

For off grid systems, a battery bank stores power that cannot be utilised directly by the load. This will be used when requirement of load is more than what the solar PV is providing at a particular time or when power from solar energy is not available, thus reducing the consuption of power from grid and increase savings on your electricity bill.


PV On-Grid rooftop solar power system is one of the most popularly used solar solutions for houses and commercial establishments. Grid tie solar, also known as on-grid, works in connection with the main grid. It offers the advantage of running load directly through solar and selling excess solar power back to electricity company by feeding in the grid. (where net metering facility is available)

If you have reliable grid and do not wish to have any autonomy, your main objective is to save electricity bills Grid tie solution is the right choice for you.
ROOFTOP SYSTEM: We Provide Complete Turnkey Solutions for Solar roof top Power Plants ON-GRID and OFF-GRID from 1 KWp to 500 Kwp.