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The solar charge controller is control device which control solar PV power and then store in the battery bank. Solar charge controller is an essential part in off-grid system. Its purpose is to keep batteries properly fed and safe for the long term.

The basic functions of a controller are quite simple. Charge controllers block reverse current and prevent battery overcharge and over discharge.

  • Sunflare Solar offer wide range of Solar Charge Controller.
  • High Efficiency charge controller
  • Voltage limiting and current-limiting charge mode ensures battery in the best charging status.
  • Over Charging protection, solar severs polarity, Charging & Low Battery Indication, & etc.
  • Temperature compensation function.

  • Available:
    PWM : 12V - 6Amp to 240-100Amp
    MPPT : 48V-10Amp to 360-100Amp


Sunflare solar offer solar management unit / solar interface for those customers who have already invested in home inverter and battery and now desire to switch on solar power. Through this device they can convert their normal inverter into solar inverter.

  • To give preference to solar PV charging.
  • PWM solar Charging.
  • Monitor battery charging level all times.
  • It helps in reducing in grid electricity consumption.
  • Easy to install.
  • Available from 12V/24V-20A/30A/40A and 48V /96V /120V etc.
Connection Diagram