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Solar PV Junction Boxes

Junction boxes are an integral part of many PV installations, serving as the “meeting place” where the wiring from array series strings comes together in parallel connections.

We offer our clients with highly functional PV Array Junction Box. This PV Array Junction Box that we offer is fabricated with the use of latest technology and is suitable for different Solar Power applications.

Array Junction Boxes (AJB), also referred to as PV combiner boxes, basically collect DC power from PV strings with blocking diodes on each string for protecting panels from reverse current flow. The collected power is then transferred to power inverter.

Array Junction Box

Array Junction Box is meant for combining all the incoming lines from the solar panel strings/arrays and deriving one common array output for the multiple array inputs..

Feature of MJB

  • To Block the reverse flow of current from the battery to solar panels during nights or low radiation levels.
  • To obstruct the sudden surges due to lightening strokes during cloudy and rainy conditions and ground the surges immediately.
  • Blocking Diodes for reverse current flow protection
  • Fuses for overload protection on each string
  • Blocking Diodes for reverse current flow protection

Main Junction Box(MJB)

A Main Junction Box (MJB) is used to combine the multiple outputs from multiple numbers of Array Junction Boxes in the Power Plant and form a single output that can be connected directly to the DC Distribution Board (DCDB) or Power Conditioning Unit (Solar Inverter).

Feature of MJB

  • The main important features of the Main Junction Box are to provide a single output.
  • The MJB consists of two bus bars. One is used to combine all the positive terminals and the other is used to combine the negative terminals.

Solar DC Distribution Box (DCDB)

The DC Distribution Box is used to provide flexibility for the operator of the solar power plant to disconnect and connect both the inward solar supply and battery terminals. Here an MCCB and a fuse of proper rating depending upon the capacity of the power plant and the battery bank are used.

In the DCDB we have two sections one is the solar section and the other is the battery section. Solar Section/ Battery Section

In solar section the incoming terminals from the MJB are fed to the input connectors and the conduction path takes place through the MCB and a HRC Fuse of proper rating selected as per the system capacity and the panel used in the power plant. The same is done for the incoming terminals from the battery bank.

AC Distribution Box(ACDB) (ACDB)

The main purpose of the ACDB is to eliminate the operation of the load at the immediate PCU O/P end and also provide flexible operation of different loads like Street lights, general home or office lights and optional loads that optionally operated (On/Off).

Specification Description

  • The ACDB box is made of epoxy powder coated metal casting. Three feeders are provided in ACDB with MCB of Required capacity installed at each feeder in the ACDB.
  • A separate dedicated feeder from conventional line to PCU as well as ACDB is also provided.
  • A separate change over switch of required capacity is provided in the ACDB to isolate the existing connected load from the solar system & switch it over to the existing convention power (Mains), in case of emergency.
  • Optional - Electronic Energy Meter is provided in ACDB to measure the consumption of power from SPV Power Plant.